The Fulmerazzi

…a day in the life

Welcome… November 24, 2008

Hi there!

So glad you’ve stopped by my web-home as I call it 🙂 Here’s the scoop….This is my small attempt to keep in touch with friends and family all around the world. 

The term “Fulmerazzi” comes from a nickname my friends gave me, stemming from the fact that I have my camera on me at all times. I’m “that friend” I suppose you could say. A paparazzi of sorts and a clever little twist on the name.

Now, I’m by no means tech-saavy so you’ll have to cut me a break as I try to figure this darn thing out. In the meantime… sit back, enjoy, and I’ll try to keep you entertained!


Cheers: Lauren


2 Responses to “Welcome…”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Hey Laur! I thinks it’s funny that you are known as the paparazzi among your friends because in my group of friends I am also known as the paparazzi. We paparazzo need to stick together. 😉 Love ya!

  2. Kasi Says:


    I just love this blog idea! I seriously should start one of my own. Such a great idea. And you couldn’t be cuter… 🙂

    Kasi Max

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