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It’s the Fi-nal Count-down! September 29, 2009

Filed under: Kenya — Lauren Fulmer @ 9:39 am

I’m hearing the theme song from Arrested Development in my head right now….Gob Bluth, anyone?  If you’ve never seen that show, I highly recommend you get on that…

Anyways, it’s our third and final week here in Kenya and we’re tying up all the loose ends before we fly out this weekend. Clare left a few days ago and Lynds and I are missing having her around!

At the Siloam Academy in the slum, we’ve been assisting the teachers with tutoring the kids that seem to be a bit behind. Let me say one thing: I have a new-found respect for teachers after this trip! Who would’ve thought teaching ABCs and numbers to kids could be nearly impossible? I pulled a few kids out of the pre-unit (their version of kindergarten) and tried to work with them individually but the language barrier made it SO hard.

They have a completely different teaching style over here. The kids learn through songs, such as the alphabet song, and can certainly sing the letters in order….but when I point to just any ol’ letter, like “M”, they’re lost. It’s interesting, but somehow it clicks with them in later grades!

Also coming up this week: Final trip to Baruku IDP camp. This time the chicken coup is finished, so we’re bringing the chicks with us. Here’s a visual: packed rental safari van with us girls and 200 baby chicks packed in! It will either be hilarious or completely obnoxious, but I can’t wait for the moment we pull up to camp and finish the project we started just a few weeks ago : )

That’s all, folks!



One Response to “It’s the Fi-nal Count-down!”

  1. Wilder Says:

    come home! I miss you!

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