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Watch Where You Step… September 25, 2009

Filed under: Kenya — Lauren Fulmer @ 8:44 am

Happy Friday, everyone!


Lynds, Clare, and I have officially been at the Cyber Cafe for an hour+ trying to upload pics to our team blog…. and it’s looking like a no-go. In the meantime, we thought we’d lighten things up a bit and share some of our highlights from Week 2.




1) Clare’s “Feminist Moments” throughout the week:

“BABY?!? Women don’t like to be called baby.”  — when a man in the slums hollered at her.

“If I was a MAN… he would’ve given me change!’ — after the clerk at the supermarket wouldn’t break her shillings


2) Fulmer stepping in an unidentified pile of brown juice/slush/puddle in Kibera slum. Extra points for flinging said puddle onto Clare’s arm.


3) Lynds having to partake in the Luo tribal dance in front of Kenyan high school kids.


4) Sitting in on a Parent/Teacher meeting at the high school connected to our project and being offered lunch in the slums. We couldn’t think of a polite way to say: “No thank you… I’ll pass on that mystery rice dish, and as much as we love eating off of plates washed in sewage-water, I’m full from breakfast.”  


5) Dancing at a Kenyan club with our host mom to a mix of Beyonce, Gaga, MJ, and authentic tribal tunes. Got a chance to switch up the lyrics of “Single Ladies” to “All my Mizungu ladies… all my mizungu ladies….” It was a HIT!


6) Clare getting peed on by a Dust Baby.


7) Lynds getting invited to karaoke while standing outside the Cyber Cafe by a man who said he liked her “moves”. We’re still not sure how those two are related…


8 ) A city-wide electrical outage that turned our dinner into a candlelight discussion on Kenyan life, love, and politics.


9) The fact that we’ve now watched High School Musical 1, 2, and 3 multiple times. Don’t ask.


10) Our first ride in a “matatu” (Kenyan group taxis…basically you and 14 of your best friends, chickens, and crying babies). It involved a subwoofer, Lil Wayne, and a giant flatscreen TV. Then some lady hopped in at the next stop and made Fulmer hold her groceries!


More to come. We miss you all! Thanks for keeping up with us and our stories.



Lauren. Lyndsay. Clare.


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