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“I Left My Heart in Baruku, I Lost My Lunch in Kibera” September 23, 2009

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Open our Eyes,

To see the things that make Your Heart cry,

To be the Church that You would desire,

a LIGHT to be seen.

– “With Everything” by: Hillsong

Alrighty, time for an update on the Baruku project. Our team made another trip out Monday to their camp and I have good news to share: Their community leaders took the weekend to think on the Chicken Coup idea and it’s a GO!

I was blown away by their organization, planning and research…. crew was prepared for today’s meeting! They had chosen a plot of land for the coup, sketched a few drawings of the structure, and even priced out most of the necessary materials. This really gave us confidence in our investment with these people….and they are absolutely BEAMING about getting back to work.  These people are men and women that are educated in their various crafts and were simply robbed of their homes and dignity.

This is their chance to start over!

It was surreal sitting in the tiny meeting place at the top of the hill at their camp. Before the meeting, we’d been playing with the darling Dust Babies (as we lovingly refer to them) and we had to literally peel them off of us to go into the business meeting : )

There we were, six  young American girls  who back home certainly don’t consider ourselves particularly “wealthy” but who, across the world, had the resources to help rebuild an entire community! If that’s not encouraging, then I don’t know what is! Everyone has something to give… you just may not realize how blessed you are.

Ok… so that’s all on Baruku for now, but we’re headed back tomorrow (thurs) so we’ll have an update later this week!

A quick note on our project in the Kibera slum. We began work at the Siloam Fellowship Ministry academy on Tuesday and have just finished our second day of work. It’s a combined school for grades kindergarten-8th grade AND an orphanage that houses 30 girls and 40 boys of all ages.

As we walked with our volunteer escorts to the slum early Tuesday morning,  words cannot begin to describe what we saw. To put it bluntly, what my eyes and nose took in were segments of what I’ve always imagined Hell to be like. That’s not even meant to be snarky or sarcastic! It was putrid, horrifying, and downright inhumane that people are living under those conditions.  We walk on garbage pathways and look to either side and see children shoveling feces in a ditch or live pigs wandering the streets and nosing through the trash heaps. Children walk without shoes around ashes and bits of glass. This is not ok.

My heart broke for the second time on this trip when we walked in the Kibera slum on Tuesday! It get overwhelmed thinking of how much it would take to move all of the people out and start fresh. To be honest, I don’t know where to begin even making a dent.  I was feeling hopeless until I remembered that I serve a God way bigger than this and that change is possible!

On a lighter note, a funny story from our first day at the school:  Soooo…We weren’t quite sure where we were needed to help and I thought the teacher was joking when he handed us pieces of chalk and elementary text books. Picture Clare, Lynds, and I like deers in the headlights standing in front of the classroom that holds the littles ones, 1st through 3rd graders, with about 80 pairs of big brown eyes looking at us! Haha. As I tried using my limited Swahili and the kids started laughing at my teaching…. we tossed the books and started teaching them songs! Good times. Awful teaching : )

Thanks for listening and sorry that was a little winded! More to come and hopefully pics soon!




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