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Back to the grind… September 20, 2009

Filed under: Kenya — Lauren Fulmer @ 10:20 am

Hey all!



Just returned from our awesome and absolutely UN-REAL weekend safari through Maasai Mara and the Kenyan wilderness. I have some hilarious stories about our weekend adventures but they’ll  have to wait until I have a bit more time to blog….  good stuff so stay tuned!


Anyways, we’re back to Home Sweet Nairobi and about to have a little meeting over coffee for our trip to Baruku tomorrow.  I just found out that tomorrow is a Kenyan holiday so we’re not needed on our Kibera project… we’re gonna take the day and head back up to the IDP camp to hopefully get things rollin’ with the chicken coop/business idea.


For those praying for our team back home…. thank you SO much! We appreciate all of the emails, facebook messages and blog comments so keep them up. We go through our homesick moments and this weekend on the safari, out in the middle of nowhere in the wilderness, we all felt like we were in a different world! If you could specifically pray for extra energy and endurance for our Baruku trip tomorrow that be fantastic. It baffles me how those hungry kiddos  have the energy to play all afternoon… but us dehydrated, under-fed (haha), relatively out-of-shape Americans have trouble keeping up with them. Not to mention that this camp is the most heart-breaking sight… we just want to keep up our energy so that we can effectively share light and hope with the people there!


“Kwherini” (bye) for now!




2 Responses to “Back to the grind…”

  1. Phil Owings Says:

    Lauren, what are you doing in Kenya? I assume from your blog that you are there by God’s great hand of grace, mercy and purpose. I discovered your blog by reading Jeff’s blog from Moscow. Who would have ever thought that sweet, beautiful Lauren Fulmer would be on the other side of the world doing God’s bidding and enduring hardship when she could be on easy street here in the good old USA. Even further wonder is how God led Jeff Owings to teach and to do it in Moscow, Russia. God truly works in ways that are way beyond our finite human minds.

    I will try to remember you each time that I pray for Jeff. Maybe KU, the easy Greek life and extremely liberal education did not do too much harm to the two of you. Jeff and you have been buddies for many years. Stay close to him we all need friends like you.

    I thought you were moving to Nashville or maybe that was Angella or Andrea. Through this comment I’m also saying hello to your Mom and Dad and all of their friends that I am sure are following your project. through the blog.

    May God bless you,
    Phil Owings

  2. Phil Owings Says:

    just for follow through

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