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Kenya… Karibu! September 16, 2009

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JAMBO from Kenya!

Well, I’m here and I’ll have to sacrifice my long blog posts for a series of smaller updates over the next few weeks.

I’m absolutely LOVING my time here! The people are fantastic and accomodating and I lucked out with my host family. Who knew I’d be so excited to have running water and electricity ?!

Today ends the second day of my Orientation through VICDA, our local volunteer program. This morning they took us to the Animal Orphanage and we got to play with the baby cheetahs, feed the monkeys, and laugh at the fact that they named their little black monkey, “Barack”. Our tour guide asked if there were anyone from America in our group and when we told him that we were not only from America, but specifically Chicago… he blushed and made us promise not to tell on him!

Though Americans are apparently loud and obnoxious in comparison to other countries, we have found favor with the Kenyan people because of Prez Obama. He’s a celeb here, too!

Things I’m missing:

– my friends/family/co-workers


– food/snacks/meat that I don’t have to second guess…haha

– a shower! (we have a bucket and running water… I’ll let you fill in the blanks!)

Regardless of the few comforts from home that I miss, I’m thrilled to be here with these people, to have met new friends in Volunteer Orientation, and to be getting released on our projects tomorrow. I’m so ready to dig in and start working with the kids!

For those of you who donated baby clothes, I sent a portion of them with the volunteers going to Gilgal this morning. They needed the warmer clothes because this area is up in the mountain area of Kenya. It was so neat to be able to give them something tangible after hearing how much they need it! Thanks to all of those who helped with this effort!

Tomorrow morning, we head to Baruku IDP (internally displaced persons) camp and will be meeting with the community leaders there to see if we cant set up a local business for them. Our idea was to buy them some chickens so that they can start circulating some food to provide for them, as well as sell in local markets nearby! All it takes is people believing in them and willing to loan money/resources. I’m excited about being a part of this… so more on this effort later!

SO…. Jambo from Kenya! Stay tuned for more updates along the journey (hopefully some pics soon).



2 Responses to “Kenya… Karibu!”

  1. marisa Says:

    yay!!! keep the updates coming. love. it.

  2. Lauren, I am sooo proud of you!!! You are witty, compassionate, articulate and giving……You keep it up! Surely, you are a great Raindrop on an impoverished land…. xxooo stephanie

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