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(belated) Birthday Shoutout: BRIDGEY! August 25, 2009

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 Without further ado I owe my best friend a birthday shoutout!



Ladies and gents, Bridget Ann Vercruysse Sterr, turned the big 2-6 last week on the 18th! I feel like a schmuck for taking this long to post this…. i’m sick of being the girl who cried “too-busy-to-blog”, so no excuses. Sorry, B!   Here goes…





Let me just say that this girl is having the BEST…. SUMMER….. EVER. She moved into a new apartment, took two different relaxing vacays to Florida, and… oh yeah, married her soulmate, Jared, last month!




ahemm...she's a "mrs" now


One of my favorite things about B is her “up for anything” attitude. This is especially important around Halloween time each year because Lynds and I pretty much haze her into dressing up like us. We’ve been a boy scout troupe, cougars, and my personal fave…. our dads! Yes, you heard correctly.  I dressed as  Britt Fulmer,  Lynds as Billy Rush, and Bridge went as the one and only Bob Vercruysse.


Britt. Billy. Bob….’Twas brilliant!  For my self-esteem’s sake, I’ll go ahead and leave the pics of me in a salt n’ pepper mustache OFF of this blog post… but feel free to contact me if you’re interested.


boy scouts. no biggie.

boy scouts. no biggie.

B's bachelorette bash. Say that 3 x fast.

B's bachelorette bash. Say that 3 x fast.

McMichael karoke night

McMichael karoke night

Hasse Hotel 09

Hasse Hotel 09


Another one of my fave things about B is that the girl has no shame! She ignores the 5-second rule and will eat food off the floor. She argues city parking tickets and often wins. And most importantly, she’s confident rockin’ a scrunchie! 
Note: the below pic is an oldie… neither party still owns/wears/sleeps in such things.


I‘ve had the absolute JOY of living with Bridge for the past few years! Never, I repeat… NEVER was there a dull moment at our humble home. Remember when us four girls found a bat in our kitchen? Or the time we left our gas fireplace on and sent off the carbon monoxide alarm, which sent five firemen racing our way?


top secret roomie stuff

top secret roomie stuff


Mr. Bruno the Bat

Mr. Bruno the Bat


So, happy (belated) birthday to my sweet friend Bridge!  Thanks for being such a genuine, loyal, and special best friend and supporting me in everything I do. Love ya, girl!






Song-of-the-day: \”Lost\” by Coldplay ft Jay-Z


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