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Bloomington… it’s NORMAL. July 30, 2009

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I’m baaa-accck! (k, that was annoying. I was even annoyed typing it)  Anyways, today marked the official closing of our busy season here at work and I feel such relief.  It’s been a long summer of anticipation and lots of hard work these last few weeks…so i feel like I just got my sanity/life back!


So much has happened these past few weeks. One of my best friends got married. Another best friend came up last weekend to visit. Such is my awesome summer!


Finally uploaded some pics from Bridgey’s wedding… here are some of my favorite pics and moments from the big weekend.


I had the joy of traveling to Bloomington, IL for the festivities. What I didn’t know was that the adjoining town was called Normal.  Yeah, I’d never heard of Normal, IL. either.  What’s next… Dime-a-dozen, TX? Such a silly name for a town and every time we saw anything out of the ordinary (ie: denim overalls, vanity plates, giant corn fields), we’d just laugh and say “BLOOMINGTON… it’s Normal.” Get it? Ha… let that one soak in.


Here are some pics from the rehearsal.  We had a great run-through, then had a impromptu stained-glass photo shoot after…. so typical.


B and Jared's wedding 001

B and Jared's wedding 003

B and Jared's wedding 004


Jared & B at the rehearsal

They're gonna have cute kids, huh?!


Rehearsal din was at a fun golf grille and we had a blast celebrating the happy couple! They did an open-mic format so everyone could get a few words/stories in. Lynds and I had fun roasting B but had to cut SO much out… we had tons of material ; )


swingers golf grille

swingers golf grille


B and Jared's wedding 012


pre-wedding stuff in b's basement...don't ask.

pre-wedding rituals in b's basement...don't ask.

Awww the big day!  Let me tell you… it was the most perfect day. Started my morning with breakfast on Bridgey’s patio with the girls. A few mugs of coffee later,  we all started getting ready and there’s just something SO fun about girls getting ready together! Brings me back to high school dances or something…. Lynds helped me pull my hair back, we all shared make-up, and it made me feel like I was 17 again.
The ceremony was so intimate and emotional… at one point we were all in tears (groom included).  Lynds and I performed the song, “Divine Romance” by Phil Wickham after the exchange of vows. Lynds sang, I played the piano, and we had a violinist add accents in the background.  Despite the fact that we both were about 10 sec away from completely passing out and thus ruining the wedding, we KILLED the song! Not to mention it was such  a neat thing to be able to do that together for our sweet roommate.

B and Jared's wedding 015




get it, Jared!!

get it, Jared!!


we OWNED that dance floor

we OWNED that dance floor


Now, I’ve been to a ton of weddings in my day, but there are a select few that stand out. They stand out to me because it’s almost like the bride and groom were designed for each other…. like God created one with the other in mind.


This was one of those weddings… and I’m so thrilled to have been a part of it!



It’s good to be Back,



Song-of-the-day: \”Divine Romance\” by Phil Wickham


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