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because it’s FRIDAY, yo! June 19, 2009

Filed under: Chi-town — Lauren Fulmer @ 3:38 pm

Happy Friday.


Love lazy days ’round the office. I also happen to love storms. Quasi dorky, I get it…. but this morning my co’s (slang for coworkers if you don’t speak “fulmer”) and I all watched from my office as a giant storm swept through the city. 


Cool pic, huh!? Wish I could take the credit for this one…




There’s just something about watching the scary weather develop from my cozy nest indoors…. Well, about as cozy as flourescent lighting and mahagony file cabinets can make you feel.


This has been the rainiest June of all time, but at LEAST it decided to give us a cool storm to look at today.


Luckily, I’m skippin’ town after work and headed to Lake Tippecanoe in Indiana. Ever heard of it? Didn’t think so ; )  I’m due for some relaxation, fresh air, sweat pants, and more failed attempts at becoming a pro-wakeboarder.


Have fab weekends, everyone!



Song-of-the-day:  \”Say It to Me Now (live)\” by Glen Hansard


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