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Birthday Shoutout: LAR! June 15, 2009

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Mondays might be my least favorite day of the week… but this Monday is an exception. Why, you ask!?  Well, 25 years ago today my dear friend Laura Ann Rotschafer was born. (aka: LAR, “Walter”, and most often, “Dollface”)



grad party


Some favorite memories and stories with Lar…. where do I begin the roast?


1) One thing to know about Laura is that she is insanely organized and clean.


At our house senior year, a dirty black crow flew in her room through her fireplace and we thought she was going to have a panic attack. She shut the door to lock it in her room and you would’ve thought there was an escaped convict locked in there by the way all 12 of us roommates were acting!   


from the archives....

from the archives.... remember THIS!?


 2) Another widely known fact about LAR is that she 100% doesn’t want kids.


A few weekends ago, at Ashley and Taylor’s wedding weekend, we got to talking about celeb news, specifically the Gosellin family of the TV show Jon & Kate Plus 8.  The guys joked with Laura and told her that she was going to be the next “Octo-Mom” and she literally burst into tears at the table. HAHA!

lar & I


3) Finally, my favorite thing about LAR is that she always says the first thing that comes to mind, no matter how brutally honest it may be.


A few years ago we were in Scottsdale visiting Storey. We’d just returned from buying costumes for a party at Goodwill and I’d dropped my thrift store sack on the table next to her new Gucci purse. BIG MISTAKE! And I quote LAR: “No, no, noooo Fulmer… these 2 things do not touch!” This is vintage Dollface. We all laughed at that incredibly snooty comment the rest of the trip and now it’s one of our favorite inside-jokes!

ohhh the strapless-dress illusion...

ohhh the strapless-dress illusion...


Personality-wise, we couldn’t be  more different if we tried. That’s what I like about us. What we have is this amazing unlikely friendship…. we balance each other out. 


So happy birthday to the one-and-only Dollface! Love you to pieces. Have a fun one! 





Song-of-the-day by DOLLFACE request: \”Love Generation\” by Bob Sinclar





One Response to “Birthday Shoutout: LAR!”

  1. Dollface Says:

    Beatz- Loved the birthday blog. I have been secretly hoping I would be getting one of these as I HEART your writing and it always makes me miss you so much! I look so sick in the pref night pic so thank you for posting that.

    P.S. Thanks for including the 3:10 to Yuma shot a last week, love that movie.

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