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wedding season June 12, 2009

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Happy Friday.


Finally uploaded some pics from Ashley and Taylor’s wedding…. gotta keep on top of  it because there are many more to come this year.


Here are some of my favorites intermixed with a few fun stories from our 36-hour wedding weekend in St Lou-eee:



pretty bride!

 As you can see, Ashley looked outstanding for her wedding day! It was a lovely Catholic ceremony, but since I’m not Catholic, I missed a lot of the rituals/call+respsonse segments. When it came time to take communinion, we had a 10-min long whisper debate about whether or not you can take it if you aren’t Catholic! 



G-Phi girls at the Brewery

In between the ceremony and the reception we had a few hours to kill so we went to the Trailhead Brewery in downtown St. Charles . Good times!  We were all ordering different specialty brews but when it came time for Laura to order, she said: “I’ll have a dirty, dirty, Dirty martini with LOTS of olives.” We all looked at her like she was an alien (we are at a BREWERY after all) and she settled on a girly raspberry beer. Haha!





Mr. and Mrs. Link

Mr. and Mrs. Link


So, as you know by now, I’m competitive about dumb things. Always. One of the most obvious examples of this is catching the bouquet at a wedding. I caught it at Emily’s wedding last year and so at this wedding, all the girls knew to watch out : )

Yes, I caught it again. No, it doesn’t mean anything… just a silly old tale.


guess who caught the bouquet...

guess who caught the bouquet...


Love getting all of the gang together…. even if it means packing a total of 6 people in one hotel room. And it’s just that much MORE fun if one of those six snores like a 450-lb man…. S.P. you know who you are!


my faves


Weddings are the perfect excuse to round up all of my college friends. There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing them find true love and good men!



Have fun this weekend!



Song-of-the-day: \”Your Touch\” by The Black Keys


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