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Pro-Life? Pro-choice?… how about Pro-LOVE June 1, 2009

Filed under: on my mind — Lauren Fulmer @ 12:33 pm

WARNING: Heavy topic for a Monday… but something in the news yesterday didn’t sit well with me.


Yesterday morning around 10 AM, controversial abortion doctor, George Tiller, was shot to death at his church in Wichita, KS. There are a thousand things wrong with this and I was shaken up for many reasons. This is my hometown we’re talking about…My family goes to church less than a mile away.


As disturbing as that fact is for me, I find it even MORE disturbing that violence like this occurs in a place that is supposed to be set apart as holy, peaceful,  a place for worship.


Most of you have probably never heard of Tiller or his clinic, but as background info… he operates one of only three late-term abortion clinics in our country. A late-term abortion is one that is performed after the 21st week of pregnancy so it’s extremely controversial, even to some pro-choice groups.


I’m not writing this post to create some pro-life vs. pro-choice debate. I’m just confused as to when people decided to extend their human-job-description to include judging others and acting violently on their personal views of justice.


At last month’s ELEMENTS gathering here in Chicago, our guest Andrew Marin said something so simple, yet so profound.


“It’s God’s job to judge, and our job to LOVE.”


So… where do we as mere humans get the idea that God needs our help in judging others? Do we think he gets too overwhelmed running the universe and appoints some of us to help out!? We are commanded to do only one thing: LOVE. That’s it.


We’re the masters of our own lives and are allowed free-will in defining our own ideas of right & wrong. We write our own moral codes and let’s face it, we don’t all think alike. It made my heart ache yesterday that one man took another man’s life in an attempt to end a perceived evil simply based on his opinion. There’s a gigantic difference between seeking justice through violence and seeking justice out of love!


To like someone and to love someone are two different concepts. “Liking” someone is part of our nature: we either do or we dont.  It’s more like a first instinct and it’s out of our control.


Did I particularly like George  Tiller? No… he made a career of something so monstrous that I vehemently disagreed with. But did I love him? Absolutely.


To LOVE is an action. It requires work… and in the case of  Tiller, it was often very hard work for some people.  You see…Loving someone doesn’t just happen… it’s a choice. Every day, you actively choose to put in the work required to love that person.


Ok, sorry to get so fired up about this. Maybe I just had too much time to dwell on the news…I found out at the beginning of a 5-hour roadtrip from St. Louis to Chicago yesterday. Maybe I just wanted to remind  you guys of the importance of actively loving others…. putting extra work towards the people in our lives that make that act very difficult. 


Thanks for listening… (or, reading, I should say)!



Song-of-the-day: \”I’ve Seen Enough\” by Cold War Kids


4 Responses to “Pro-Life? Pro-choice?… how about Pro-LOVE”

  1. Taylor Noland Says:

    What a great write-up…I am very impressed Fulm

    I still miss our Paderno days haha

  2. spudart Says:

    very well said.

  3. Angela Says:

    Absolutely agreed!!! Although I am 100% pro-life, this completely saddened me. We as Christians are called to LOVE! And this act of violence is incredibly hypocritical and gives Christians a terrible name.

  4. Stefanie Curry Says:

    Great post, Lauren… one I needed to read… and probably re-read a few times 😉

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