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Manners May 26, 2009

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Passion Pit

Album: Manners

Label: Frenchkiss Records




 Genre: Electropop/Electronic


Band:  Michael Angelakos
                Ian Hultquist 
               Ayad al Adhamy 
               Jeff Apruzzese 
               Nate Donmoyer


In a Nutshell:  Based in Cambridge, Mass- Manners was released on 5/19 and is the first full-length studio album for this young electro-geek band. Sticking with the same recipe from their EP, Chunk of Change, Angelakos and his boys bring the same high-energy, sugary sweet pop sound to their new album.


 Track List:

  1. Make Light
  2. Little Secrets
  3. Moth’s Wings
  4. The Reeling
  5. Eyes As Candles
  6. Swimming in the Flood
  7. Folds in Your Hands
  8. To Kingdom Come
  9. Sleepyhead
  10. Let Your Love Grow Tall
  11. Seaweed Song


Tracks I Dig: Little Secrets, Moth’s Wings, The Reeling, Sleepyhead, & Let Your Love Grow Tall


Verdict:  I’m gonna go with a 6 here. It’s a good album but probably not one you want to play on repeat. Manners provides tons of upbeat fun and is certainly worth a listen, but Passion Pit’s  high-energy sound requires exactly that:  HIGH ENERGY. Too much of this good thing can wear you out… but definitely find a few tracks you like to toss on your i-pod! 


Oh and a funny side-note… Don’t make the same mistake I did by assuming that the band’s website is “passionpit-dot-com”.  Baaaad mistake. Let’s just say it’s not work-appropriate… YIKES!


Hope you had a fab Memorial Day/ Long weekend! 





Song-of-the-day: \”Little Secrets\” by Passion Pit


One Response to “Manners”

  1. Emma Says:

    Bobo a 6? Tough critic! It is pretty high energy… but a great summer CD!

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